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Coco cay is great, we have been there twice. Once in April 2003 and again in Nov. There has been some construction going on as a result of a hurricaine some time back. It seemed in Nov that they may be near finishing. There was a great barbeque for lunch, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, wave runners, and hobbie cats. It was a great place to spend the day, even if you just want to sit in a beach chair or hammock.

Earlier I was involved in a thread related to our getting stranded on coco cay. Luanne asked for the details. So I will include it here just in case you happened to hear rumers.

Last November my husband and I eagerly got on the tender to go enjoy the day snorkeling at coco cay. It was a dark drizzely day but we all had hopes it would clear soon. Shortly after arriving on the island, it started to rain. We decided to have lunch and wait it out. We never got to go snokeling, we were told that we were being sent back to the ship. Wewent to line up to catch a tender back. The wind picked up, and were told that the seas were to rough and they were going to wait 1hr. before trying to move anyone off just to be safe. We went over to the point just pass the area where you snorkel and noticed that they had closed all water sports, and the waves were huge. I was glad to wait. 1 hr later we got on a tender, the third to go out. The first one got half epmty when she had to be turned away. The second sat in awiting. They then returned to the island. We were told that it wasn't safe to try at this time. We were going to wait another hr. and try again. 1 hr later they tried again. The tenders didn't stand a chance of being able to unload. Passengers later said the deck of the tender was going higher than the opening to the deck on the ship. Glad wew were on the one sitting and waiting to see how the first ones did. They were going to try again before dakr. This attempt never happened. 1500 passengers spent a rather chilly wet night on the island. Crew members made a few very brave attempts at getting extra food, blankets and medical staff to us. On of the other cruise lines who had a heavier tender than ours finally made it over to us around 1am with pillows, blankets, sanwhiches, and drinking water. The weather finally cleared @ 7 am and we were on the first tender off the island. Looking back on it now, it was actually no big deal. The staff of the Majesty should have all been given raises. They were also stranded with us, went without sleep, and still very professionally took care of us. They were also there to serve dinner just like nothing ever happened.

Royal Caribbean said that in the 20 years they have had the island this was a first. They were apologetic, gave out full refunds, and coupons for a free 4 day cruise.

So that is what really happened out there luanne. This is why I have recommended in the past to take a sweatshirt and jeans in your backpack. Just in case.

Mickey - I hope you have a great time. It really is a fun island. Hope I haven't scared you Terri
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