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Default Re: Re: Spirit, Panama Canal Nov 1, 03

I don't think we need to start the Dress Code thing again!!! But as for skipping those nights is the diningroom, that is a personal choice. I like to skip a few nights and just relax and maybe have some pizza and a beer, and watch the sunset with my hubby. In my opinion that is a nice change of pace from the diningroom scene. Don't forget this is a 16 day cruise, so there will be plenty of meals in the diningroom. I don't go for all that formal stuff(to stuffy in my opinion.) Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against it, for the people who enjoy it. I just don't enjoy it! Like I said in a previous post, I have participated in many formal nights, this is the first time I plan on skipping them. My DH and I usually skip a coulple of nights on all the 14+ cruises we have been on.(we like a couple of nights just doing our own thing). So choosing to skip the formal nights on this cruise means we don't have to take a suitcase filled with formal attire + accessories for just two nights of dining. Anyways we thought we would try it.
Don't worry Jim, I won't be wearing my jeans to FORMAL NIGHT !
Happy Cruising everyone!!
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