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Default MrTractor Booked on Radiance OTS 11/02/03

A group of 14 of us (so far!) are sailing on the Radiance and are planning on a party of incredible proportions! We have a bunch of cool stuff planned. We are a group of mostly 40 somethings sailing this time without kids and plan to have a really awsome time.
We are planning a few get togethers that are listed below. We call ourselves FOMT or the "Friends of MrTractor." There are no dues, no duties, no required attendance and no secret handshake (we are working on that, though). I emphasize that all events are strictly voluntary and by invitation only. 7 cabins have booked throught the same agent to get free stuff like open bar cocktail parties, free wine or champagne, etc. But even if you don't book with our agent you are still welcome as long as we know you are coming and tell us a little about yourselves.

Here is what we are doing so far:
Sailaway at the Sky Bar - right after muster drill or at sailaway from FLL
Bamapaluau - Caribbean Luau - on first formal night out of Key West
Champagne Sailaway - Watch Grand Cayman fade into the horizon from the largest balcony on the aft of the ship while sipping champagne or mimosas. MrT and the Bronze Goddess (MrsT) Anniversary.
Farewell to FOMT- final chance to say farewell on last night right after we're all packed up.
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