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Default Re: MrTractor Booked on Radiance OTS 11/02/03

The way it looks right now, the stuff we have planned is:

Saturday- Bamas Barhopalooza in Fort Lauderdale. Meet at the AmeriSuites at 6 pm.

Sunday- Rumncoke's Traditional Sailaway. Right after muster drill at Sky Bar Overlooking the Main Pool. Make sure you get your screen name and first name to her so she can create her famous heirloom quality name tags.

Monday- "Bamapaluau" Caribbean Luau at Sailaway from Key West. This is a formal night and your host, BAMA is encouraging everyone to dress in a Carribean or Hawaiian theme. He will be awarding a prize for "Best Dressed" based on creativity and colorfulnesss. Venue TBA.

Tuesday - Open
Wednesday - Open
Thursday- Open

Friday- Anniversary Champagne Sailaway Gala. Cocktails and Champagne on the Aft Veranda of Suite 1100. MrT and BGs 22nd Anniversary. Join us as we sail away from Grand Cayman on November 7th. By invitation only. Mimosas and light snacks also provided. 4:30 to 6 pm.

Saturday- Farwell to FOMT Gathering. After packing up, we'll be gathering in one of the lounges for some last minute revelry. I was thinking the VCL. Any ideas?

That's all I've got for now. I wanted to leave open some time for all the other stuff going on. Also the shows for the late seating are before dinner and we wanted to give everyone a chance to see them.

Do you think this is too much or not enough?

MrTractor<--------wants to make the most of his time on the ship.........

We don't disembark, we just go on a long excursion.
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