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Default Re: Spirit, Panama Canal Nov 1, 03

Dick and Marge,
Thanks for the response to my post. I just have a couple more questions, if you don't mind answering them. How would we go about doing the Poas Volcano on our own? There is four in our party. Is there alot of tour operators or cabs for hire right where you get off the ship? What would you say is a good price if we wanted to hire someone for 8 hrs? And one last question, do you remember how long it took time wise to get to the volcano? I've gotten responses that varied from 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs one way! If it takes 3 hrs one way that means 6hrs on a bus!! (that is if we take the ships tour).
But even in a tour van or cab that alot of sitting!
I would appreciate any answers you can give me!! Thanks
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