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Default Re: Getting Sea Sick

I did experience sea-sickness for the first time on my 13th cruise. It was off the coast of N.C. and it was a slow moving system that laid in the Atlantic on our way back from Florida and the Caribbean.

The sea was so strong from 7AM to about 6PM. This was on the QE2. Who would think.
They were even afraid of the stabilizers from tearing off.

It hit me about 3PM. You could not find anyone in the hallways and people who were going up would crawl on the floor to the stairways. And those who couldn't go up the stairs sat on the steps and held on the rails.

When I returned to my room it finally hit my wife and I. She got better thru sleeping.

I was not looking forward to going to dinner. So I ask my Room Stewardess, Virginia and she suggested and tray of Hot Tea, Soft Cheese, Crackers and Fruit. Also the Medication she had on hand from Medical.

Well, I did eat it and also took the medication and laid down. The medication causes to sleep. My family went to dinner. I got up in a few hours ( close to the end of their dinner time ) and felt as if I woke up from a 105 degree temperature.

We'll, I got up refreshed like I never felt before. I got dressed and went to the end of the dinner time. Everyone was shocked how great I looked. I felt a NEW person.

If you ever have a question go to the Medical Department or ask you room steward. If they have years behind them, they maybe a weath of knownledge helping passengers on their cruises.

Ed S.

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