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Default Re: Re: Formal wear on formal night

I like that dark blue suit idea of valtandc's so much I went to a men's shop today with my wife and we bought me a tux setup. My black suit I wore once to a wedding lacked that strip down the side. Im going with it anyway.
pleated tux shirt ------------------------ $15.00
nice matching tie and cumerbund -$15.00
Set of nice cuff links and buttons ---$15.00
Tux socks ---------------------------------- $2.00
My own comfortable black shoes ----$0.00
Already have a pressed black suit -- $0.00
total for formal wear that fits ----------$47.00

Thanks ya'all for all the ideas. I'm much obliged. No one will ever suspect that only 48 hours before the formal dinner I was ropin' heifers, branding bulls and sleeping by a campfire under the stars.

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