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Default Re: Re: Seranade - PLEASE help and FAST!!!


I was actually responding to "SamIAm" message more than yours where they say "you certainly won't get warm weather in Halifax" In my opinion weather in the 70's certainly qualifys as "warm", especially in September. Halifax gets weather in the 90's in the summer. Of course I agree that Canada is cooler than Florida, so is Vermont, Minnesota and most other US states as well. I took no offense at your comment Wakka.

The reason why we Candadians often get
so defensive is that many (not all) Americans think of Canada as freezing cold all the time, whereas in actuality, some parts of Canada have much hotter summers and much milder winters than MANY US states. For example, Southern Ontario is on the same latitude as Northern not too many Americans knew that. And most of New England states are also further north than Southern Ontario, as are many states such as Minnesota, North Dakota, etc. Just a few facts I thought some would benefit from....we friendly Canadians hope all the Americans enjoying our beautiful country on cruises will feel welcome.
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