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Default Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

I can't imagine the havoc that a hurricane wreaks on running a cruise. Having to make arrangements for all new ports, plan and print new shore excursion info--yikes.

One of the reasons that cruises during hurricane season are cheap is rhe risk of a hurricane. In every cruise contract, there is information about the potential need to make changes based on weather--we've experienced it ourselves. Never got anything to "compensate" us, but never thought we deserved anything.

There was so much on the news about Fabian that it's hard to imagine someone not wondering about the effect a hurricane might have on their destination.

So many people go on a cruise for just thr experience, don't care about the ports, may not even get off the ship. If you let the change in itinerary spoil what could have been a wonderful trip, that's sad. making the best of a tough thing can be a challenge, but it's usually worth it.
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