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Default Re: Re: Seranade - PLEASE help and FAST!!!

To Sam I Am, I appreciate your comments...too true....Canada is indeed not Labadee....I've been there's definitely not as hot in Canada in September as Labadee is likely but I can tell you for sure....our shopkeepers are sure as heck not as pushy either. Ironically when I was in Labadee this past January, it was freakin' freezing there...just my least it was a lot warmer than Canada was in January!

To Wakka, thank you for your lovely words about Canada

To Sparky, "a wall of snow meets you at the border" ...too funny (and sadly too true of their perception). I was also a transplanted Canadian as a child and when "some" Americans found out I was from Canada, they would ask me where I got my clothes....guess they thought I should be wearing a bearskin and a racoon hat!
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