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Default Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

Hi everyone!!

To Sue and Mary Margaret...THANK YOU for READING what I said and understanding that I was ONLY complaining because I wasn't notified prior to arriving at the pier.....our TA DID contact RC on Saturday and told us that there was no itinerary change......and to I don't live in a box and couldn't believe that we would be going to Bermuda....but without any notification from RC I kept what I had packed in my suitcase......look.....if u actually think I am complaining because I couldn't go to a devastated island,,,,,yur nuts.....i wish u would READ what I am saying b4 u post such ignorant things such as" I'm sure the four people who died would love to have the luxury of participating in this debate".....that's appalling......all I am saying is that I feel that RC could have prepared us better for the itinerary change....and perhaps offered some type of small token of compensation such as a complimentary sweatshirt or a me....the people I went with and the people I met onboard made this cruise fun....all I ever wanted was to feel like RC valued my patronage and I was never made to feel that Matt...b4 u say such horrific what I am posting.....shame on u
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