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Default Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

Kuki wrote:
<<The fact remains, and somewhat amazes me, that some people expect the cruise lines to accept all the responsibility for the changes they had no control over.

Some people think they are making a reasonable request asking the cruise lines to simply give them the full fare credit for a future cruise. In fact, that's the same as asking for a full refund. They'd have had to sail with those cabins empty, and no revenue.

I realize, and agree, that itinerary is pretty important to people, when they choose their cruises. If that's the case, these same people should also look into booking at a time where the likelihood of problems on that itinerary is at its lowest. And even then, there are NO guarantees.
And I think it's unreasonable to expect the cruise lines to supply the guarantee.>>

I agree with Kuki 100%. Here's a suggestion (toungue planted firmly in cheek) -
Since cruises sailing during hurricane season are usually discounted, everyone signs an agreement that if the cruise line has to change the itinerary due to weather, then all passengers have the option of opting out and getting a full refund. However, if the cruise does its scheduled itinerary then everyone pays an additional premium (say $500 pp) and if the seas are calm and the sun shines every day then everyone pays another premium. I wonder who would come out ahead on that scenario?
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