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Default Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Caribbean

Sorry guys but you should try reading what parrot mum actually wrote. Grammatically all over the place but the content simply says that she sailed on Brilliance which was a great ship but the service was crap. She has also sailed on NCL where they handle passengers and their complaints much better. Well I've been on both and she is SPOT-ON! R.C.I. wouldn't even know how to spell the word service let alone offer it.
The whole issue is down to communication or, in this case, the total lack of it. For sure you cannot blame R.C.I. for the weather but they should have kept their passengers informed. We had a similar problem in the Baltic when Brilliance could not visit Stockholm due to high winds but the first we knew about it was about two hours after we were due to have sailed from Copenhagen but were still moored up and the captain finally got round to letting his passengers know what was happening or,in this case, not happening. Like I said R.C.I. are not very good at communication.
I also reckon that some financial recompense should have been automatically made; several posts have made the point that they were not even offered a free drink which would probably have gone a long way to placating them - well the second or third would have! How much would this have cost R.C.I.? Buttons!
Enough said. Cheers.
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