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Default Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

Een though I am in the group that feels passengers should have been notified & given a choice to re-book at another time before such major itin. changes, I must disagree about communication on RCL--or the genralization that it is always poor. Past March on Enchantment there was a med. emergency during our first night after Key West. The ship had to return while we slept to meet a helicoptor halfay from USA. In the am the Captain greeted us saying it was a beautiful day at sea--we knew that was not the intin. He went to explain everything. that had taken place. They worked furiously & changed our order of ports--our itins & we did not miss anything exept had ashorter sat in one place--no great loss. New Compasses were out in a flash..They took steps to insure the health of the passenger & then bent over backwards to make things work & to let us know what was going on...Very impressd with that whole ship from looks, to cleanliness, service from hotel & captain etc. We also criuise Celeb & think they are less open--even for regular info abt excursions etc. Everything seems to be a secret! GUess it is hard to genralize--so maybe we should not. For me I am done with this thread --moving on to think about upcoming cruises.but wanted to give credit where it is due. Am abit concerned about comments about Brilliance which is our next RCL cruise..any good comments on it?
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