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Default Re: Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

I was on the Nordic Empress with Jaimie. In speaking with people cruising on ships also destined for Bermuda that week, they were compensated with money for the change in itinerary. We would have liked to have at least received something. We spoke to a man and his wife who sailed the same dates we did, and they went to the Bahamas and Florida. That would have been a much more acceptable change of itinerary, so those of you who say itineraries can change should also agree that a change from a warm climate to a cold climate is not acceptable when warm weather ports were still open for business. The ship's personnel only joked about the fact that many of us were only prepared for warm weather. A lot of the people were sick the last day of the cruise and I personally was sick all last week.

The most distressing part of the change of ports was that many of the elderly and handicapped passengers could not even leave the ship. Ramps leading off the ship were so steep that most opted not to even attempt the descent and climb. Passengers were debarking from level five of the ship down to the ground. I ended up half carrying an elderly woman up the ramp to the ship in Halifax. I don't think this is very good customer service! Do you?

The pursers were not helpful and acted very indifferent to people's complaints.

I have cruised 5 times with Royal Caribbean and will not sail with them again due to the way we were treated.
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