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Diane and Jack
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Default Also on that cruise

I was also on that cruise.

First off we checked with RCL on the Friday and Saturday prior to the cruise and were told that there were no itinerary changes. We get to the terminal and found out that we are now on a New England cruise due to the weather and that most of the passengers were notified by their travel agency (including online agencies like Travelicity) of the change Friday and Saturday. We booked directly through RCL, checked both days for changes, and were NOT notifed. Everyone we spoke to on the cruise who booked directly were not told. There's something wrong with this picture.

Had we known we would have either canceled for 75% on a future cruise (had the insurance for this) and flown to a warmer destination, or at the very least packed alot warmer. We were offered no explanation for the non notification.

The very least RCL could have done was a free round of drinks upon boarding or a RCL sweatshirt. I ended up buying sweatshirts in Canada to keep warm. (note to a prior poster - Canada on the Halifax coast was cold)

We are both from New England so this trip held no allure for us. We tried to make the best of the trip but Boston and Portland are regular day trips for us.

Summary: RCL should have notified us thus affording us the chance to either rebook on another cruise (since we had their insurance) or at the very least pack accordingly.
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