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Default Re: Best cabin on the Voyager

Thanks so much for all your replies, very helpful. Im glad I found this site!Right now Im leaning toward cabin 8692 if we do decide to go with the aft cabins at all. I recently read somewhere about someone who stayed in an aft cabin and complained about her clothes getting ruined "soot" from the stacks on the ship. Has anyone ever experienced this? She didnt mention the ship she was on or the cabin number just that it was an aft cabin and how they finally got their room cahnged by the cruiseline because it was so bad. And one more thing do you feel alot of motion when you are all the way in the back of the ship like that? I have cruised before but always had midship cabins with a porthole, never even a balcony, I have never gotten sick but i heard you feel more movement when you arent in the middle. Thanmks agin for your help I hope to actually book a room in the next 2 weeks, even if we dont go withthe aft cabin I`m very grateful for all the suggestions, I'll let you know what we decide!
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