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Default Re: Thanks for nothing Royal Carribbean

Wow, I rarely read this board( princess usuaslly) and you have some mean posters on here.
First , the weather can't be helped , but that is not the issue.
Second . they (Rci) should have been more diligent in contacting their customers, it sounds like they were almost deceit ful.
Third , if someone is disappointed in something I think it's rather rude and condesending to tell they to " quit whining" or " suck it up"
Fourth- the change from a warm weather destination to a cool weather destination is fairly significant and they (the cruise line) should have tried to stay within the same catergory( ie- warm weather stops)
Fifth- It would not have killed the cruise line to give out a free bl**dy drink now would it have ??A hot toddy would have been approiate and made people laugh!

Sixth- Never book during hurricane season it could happen again!
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