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Got some laughs out of this thread & enjoyed it. Had fun w/the back & forth between JohnnyB & DaveTheWave but GinaG - you made me laugh. Kathy - your comment re: the thongs hurting your toes reminded me a cartoon I saw once w/2 women on a beach walking & each had a pair of thongs stuck up their crack & one said to the other "I'm not sure what the attraction is to these things"! No nasty comments but Sam I had to just kind of laugh & shake my head when you posted the picture. Just go & enjoy yourself when you can plan another cruise. You will meet lots & lots of fun & interesting people without having to post your pic, etc. But as far as thongs go - when I think back about seeing everyone on the cruise I don't think anyone cared what most people were wearing. There was such a variety. We saw nude, topless & everything else on the beach. Can't really remember seeing actual thongs on the ship but it didn't really matter. Also the threads re: fat, etc - there were so many different types of people it didn't seem like anyone cared what everyone looked like - just socialized w/people you never met before.

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