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The Scotts
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Default One giant leap one more giant step

Good Morning All,
Just had to share this with someone. Yeh!! We made our final "paid in full" 60+ days prior to saling payment last night for the Carnival Sensation May Cruise.

Now getting excited again after the long wait we made the reservation in July of last year, it's been like having a baby wait and wait.

So we will be doing the Doc Dance you all talk about in 10 weeks so , I not sure just how you all do the dance, but you can be assured that I will be jumping up and down and all around.

Just a note of thanks for this board and all the good info everyone has shared over the last few months.

We may have last minute questions and I'm sure you all will be there to help and I'll get back and let you know when the doc's arrive.

Thanks to all of you
The Scotts
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