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Default Just got my edocs and RCI charged me $209 more than TA quote

Thursday I booked a cruise at the last minute with an online TA. She had quoted me the best price of anyone. When I got the bill in the mail yesterday the price was about $20 more than what she quoted because of taxes from RCI. OK. Today, I printed out my edocs as they were just emailed to me. When I looked at what RCI says the final amount is, it is $209 higher than what the online TA charged me. She had said that the price had included taxes and port charges. The amount she quoted is what is charged to my credit card thus far. The extra $209 has not been charged to my credit card yet. Also, my TA had sent me information about travel insurance and I called the company yesterday and ordered that travel insurance. Well, when I looked at my edocs I have been charged for RCI's travel insurance. So right now I have two different travel insurance policies. When I called my TA she was surprised to hear that I had RCI's travel insurance. She said that wasn't supposed to be there. I also pointed out that I am being charged over $200 more than what she quoted me and said she would look into that. She called me back about 20 minutes later, she sounded kind of apologetic and said that someone with RCI was looking into it and that she would have to get back to me. Does this sound right? Should it take time for RCI to find out why I was charged for travel insurance when my TA says she didn't order it for me and why I was charged $200 more than I was quoted and billed by TA? I know that TA's have been giving people promotional rates that they weren't qualified for. How could this TA quote me one price and then RCI charges me another? I hope that this gets resolved. I am kind of a push over and don't want to get pushy with this TA. I am hoping that she is telling me the truth, but I just don't trust her. I have to wait until tommorrow to get an answer. I am stressing over this. RCI won't tell me anything because I made this booking with a travel agent.
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