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Default Re: Just got my edocs and RCI charged me $209 more than TA q

RCI quotes the book rate? I hope that is the case. The insurance for RCI was about $118 so the difference is almost $100. Also, didn't mention that there is a charge of $633 made by the TA to my credit card. It has not posted to my account but has been deducted from my credit limit. When I called my credit card company to find out what these pending charges were they told me about the one for $633 charged by the TA. On another board I was informed that a TA should never be using my credit card to bill to the agency dirrectly. Discover card said that this was probably a charge that would probably come off the bill, that the TA did it to insure she was getting her $. But the charges are supposed to made to the cruise line dirrectly. I hope this all gets straightened out. What a nightmare.
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