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Default Re: Royal Caribbean Shore Excusion Suggestions for St. Thoma

I am going to St. Thomas in a couple of days and would like some more detailed information if someone gets the chance. I am leaving tomorrow though. So let me see if I have it right. I can either get a ferry from Charlotte A... or from Red Hook. I have to take a taxi to get to either ferry. Pay for the ferry. Then when I get to St. John's I have to take a taxi to Trunk Bay and pay to enter the park. I have a 2 year old, will I have to pay admission for her to get into the beach/park? How much is taxi to Red Hook from the ship? How much is it round trip for a taxi to Trunk Bay from ferry boat dock? I bet if I get off the ship early there will be a lot of people going to St. John's and maybe we can hook up with others to save on the taxi fares.
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