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Default Early booking discount or wait for bargains?

We would like to take our daughter and her family on a cruise for her combination Christmas and Birthday present. I posted on Bargain Finder and, so far, the quotes I've received are a little more than we were hoping we could get. We think we want to be mid ship since that is where DH and I always try to get. Should we book now with the best price we can get using the early booking discount or wait and hope that there will be some specials closer to time? We can drive to New Orleans, so airline schedules would not be a problem. We do have sufficient frequent flyer miles to use if we left from some other port, but would there be frequent flyer seats available if we wait until closer to time to book?

One other question. I noticed that Carnival has family suites but they and all other suites seem to be at the rear of the ship. Isn't that supposed to be less comfortable than mid ship?

Thank you ahead of time for all the advice you always give!
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