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Default Re: Any recommendations

Both times, in Ocho Rio, I had experiences were kind of in the middle of Linda418 and Luv2B@Sea. Yes...the merchants were a bit pushy, but all we had to do is say no with conviction and they didn't hassle us. Maybe I give off the vibe "when I say no, I mean no".... And I think its rather funny....In all our travels, we have never had anyone try to sell us pot. I'm hardly prudish in the way I dress and act, but I guess I don't look like a pot smoker....
As far as Grand Cayman....I couldn't say the merchants were rude or aggressive, nor were they especially friendly. They didn't stand out one way or the other. However, I would say that Grand Cayman is one of my favorite ports. I love Stringray City and 7 mile beach. Last time we went, we took the first tour out to Stingray City and on the way back, we asked the tour bus driver to drop us off on the main road where we stopped at a liquor store, bought a couple beers and wine coolers and then walked over to 7 mile beach. The water temperature was perfect. No waves....just floating and standing in the clear water. The sand was clean and white. It was very relaxing.
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