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Hello WHP,

My husband and I have been on four cruises...we try to go on one every year. Last year we went on the Voyager of the Sea, Western Carribian, and had a wonderful time. This is our first time on the Eastern route, but Richard and I have both been to the Bahmas before.

The patch I got I believe was called tranderment, you can only get it through a perscription through your doctor. I normally just call my doctors office and ask them to call in the sea sick patch to eckerds and they do. It works wonders for me with no side effects. I did try Bonine (I'm sure I spelled it wrong) and dramamine before and had the same side effects you did.

Richard and I have Late seating. We have an inside cabin on deck seven. We love staying active on cruises I have to admit we get a little addicted to Bingo. But I want to try more physical activities...but I have a feeling I'll end up eating, laying out in the sun, and playing Bingo. But I'm up for anything.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime so we can chat before our cruise (WHICH IS COMING UP VERY SHORTLY

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