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Default Re: RCCL - 7 night cruise - jackets required for men on form

I am tired of people saying - I follow the rules but don't 'care' if others don't - YAH RIGHT!!! What if some obey traffic signs & others don't, what if some use your lawn as a bathroom but others dont, what if some beat u up but others dont - GET THE PICTURE.? If the soldiers in WW 2 had said that we wld all be saluting Hitlers picture today. Please s---- or get off the pot - u either support rules & codes or u dont for heavens sake. Do u have backbones or how are u able to stand up - but u don't do u?? If u apply that to all faucets of life God will be hard pressed to help us! This is the cowards way out...I'm 'otta here - 'nuff for me with all this 'wimpy' stuff - see yah Big Apple!
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