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Default Re: LADIES - Do U Like Formal Nites & Dressing Up?

Sherri1,Betty Boat & Trice--- If you don't like formal night or dressing up go on a differant vacation

S Sally--- The dress code doesn't say " clean and neat " it says "formal " or " smart casual "
A couple of thoughts on these issues:
It is not formal dinner , It is formal night, and out of respect for the other passengers people are expected to remain in that attire for the evening.
Another thing that I keep reading repeatedly is " It' my vacation and I'll wear what I want " that's fine on a differant vacation. again, respect for your fellow passengers.

There are laws, rules, and codes throughout society and without them we would have total disorder. If we did not have these dress codes people would be showing up in everything from formal wear to cut offs and tee shirts. We cannot make our own rules, but we can choose where and when we go. So, PLEASE, if you choose to cruise for your vacation, and the dress code is " FORMAL " or " SMART CASUAL " please dress accordingly that " evening " out of RESPECT to those fellow passengers who made the extra effort to look their best that evenig .
From a lurker with 12 past cruises. Thanks for listening.
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