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Default Re: Empress Bayonne/Cape Liberty

To ann:

This was the third time I've sailed the Empress of the Seas, formerly Nordic Empress. All of the public areas have been refurbished and in some cases, deck plans rearranged. The ship is in great shape, although as always, you will see crew members performing maintenance daily for after all, the sea is a harsh mistress.

This being my fourth time to Bermuda (I sailed the old Song of America in '94) i mainly went to play golf and drink at the Frog and Onion pub (located at King's Wharf).

To hcat:

Parking is $12 per day so for an 8 day cruise it was $96. This is definately cheaper than the New York pier where the price two years ago was over $100 for a 7 day cruise. They also accept credit cards, something the NYC pier did not.

I didn't specifically check out the security of the lot, to tell you the truth, I wasn't very concerned. The lot is at the very end of a long (couple of miles?) man-made peninsula that used to be a military shipping terminal - other than the view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, it's not the most scenic area. The lot's surface ranges from pavement to gravel and if I remember correctly, it was fenced. Other than the facilities that RCCL has taken over, there really isn't much out there except unused buildings.
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