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Default Re: Re: Re: Southwest Airlines??

I think the whole idea of the show is, like all of you have mentioned is to raise awareness of the industry. Some people don't understand the airlines policies. Just this past show on Sunday a woman was irate because she and her husband could not escort their children to the gate. She was blaming Southwest, but this is an airport security issue, not Southwest's policy. You also see a lot of people showing up drunk at the counter and wanting to fly. Well, I see how drunk people act in bars, starting fights and such and wouldn't want that on my flight either...again, safety issue.
Finally, a gentleman lost the ticket he just purchased yet argued that he would never fly Southwest again because of their horrible service with his issue. Well, if you bought a ticket to the Super Bowl and then lost it, would they let you in? How does Southwest know who you are? Sure, they have a record of the name you give in the system, but you could have stolen that wallet from someone...
As a travel agent, I find the show hysterical!!! These are the types of people I deal with on a day to day basis...ones who don't understand airline policies yet think they can fight it...
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