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Default Re: Southwest Airlines??

Can't wait to see the show . When does it run? SW is our only choice from Long Island direct to Tampa unless we want to go all the way in to JFK.(limo costs alot to get there also) We use it almost exclusively to get back & forth to Fla vacation place several times a yr & for cruising from FT. Laud.
It is a terrible hassle with them not giving out assigned seats. Even if you arrive several hours early to avoid long lines, you only get a seating group. (A B or C) Then you have to stand on a long line to be first in your board The big insult then comes when they then pre-board . First they take children & their families--that can be up to as many as are travelling whihc is ridiculous even though we believe their written policy is only 2 adults per child. .People on the lines start to get testy & cranky. Then they pre-board great numbers of people who represent that they are disbled. We all call it "Miracle Airline" as do many of their own staff because of the number of cheaters who board as disabled & then run past you to get their luggage at the other end., Makes it bad for those who really are in need of extra time .
It is also not great that you can only book three months ahead & we are always waiting for our dates to open up. It is frustrating if your return date isn';t part of the opened block becuae by the time that opens, the cheaper seats are gone!
With all that said,it is close, no traffic hassles for us lcals to get there ,it's affordable & has been reliable for us. We always go early toget in group A & have not been bumped yet! You really do get an absolutely FREE trip (no restrictions) when you log the required # of segments. I recently flew Jet Blue to New Orleans & felt I was on a grown up airline--no silly jokes, no singing, no fake pre-boarders, & the plane had large leather seats with free TV.& the worlds best Blue potato chips. Really wish Jet Blue would come to Islip LI! But then reality set in & we are back on Southwest for our next several trips--it's theonly choce in town. for us. This has been one of my longest posts ever but it is all true IMHO.
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