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Default Re: Re: Re: Southwest Airlines??

Bottom line is, if you want a cheap flight, Southwest, 9 times out of 10, will fulfill your need. Also keep in mind that Southwest does not charge a penalty to change your flight like the major carriers, USScare, United, Delta, Northworst...they all charge $100.00 to change the flight plus any increase in fare, whereas Southwest only charges the fare difference.
I deal with Delta every day and let me tell you that out of all the carriers, they have good flights, connections, etc....but if you need to ask a favor of them, it's always NO! I have tried on numerous occasions to get a ticket changed to someone else's name because the original traveler has cancer and can't travel before the one year requirement to use their ticket and they are not cooperative at all. Too bad, so sad...
Southwest will let you use the value of the ticket purchased towards anybody else!
I think at times, people have this fear of flying and that's very understandable so when the Southwest agents and flight attendents joke around and play games, it takes the stress away and makes for a more pleasant flight. Besides, who wouldn't want to participate for a free alcoholic beverage!!!?? Or extra peanuts!!
The major carriers, you have to pay for food now....SOuthwest is still free!!!
Granted that honey smoked turkey link is not the tastiest but's free!
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