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Default Re: Re: Southwest Airlines??

Sure if all you care about is low fares, than Southwest may be the way to go. Ever thought about why their fares are so low? Their employees are paying the price with low wages and all that goes along with it. I am not absolutly sure but I think their major maintance checks are not even done in this country. I prefer a safe flight with a crew that has experience , gets paid well and is not overworked and tired. Ever thought about where they would have to cut cost in order to offer you that 79 $ ticket? There is something wrong if a greyhound busticket from New York to San Fran. is more expensive than an airline ticket. Flying is not the same than taking the bus. Let's hope you will always have an experienced and well rested crew flying you wherever you may have to go. Let's face it, most people would probably not choose the cheapest doctor in town. But until something happens nobody will listen anyways. Just some food for thought.
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