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Default Re: Southwest Airlines??

Bicker is right on target about why Southwest can keep it's cost all started with their former CEO Herb Keller who decided to try a different model when SWA started in the 70's....Their employees are paid well, not the highest in the industry but about at average, however the trade off is that there have never been layoffs at SWA, both management and the unions have an understanding that if they work together everyone benefits and this stands in stark contrast to the "majors"..they fly only one fleet type, 737's which saves bundles in crew cost, training,fuel,maintainance etc...they know who they are and they don't stray from their basic mission..low cost, high frequency,no frills, dependable transportation...they stay mainly out of high cost airports but because they are so successful every community in the country courts them which means SWA can fly into major airports now but extract major concessions..major cruise companies have courted SWA to add service to "home port cities" which allow their passengers to keep cost low and spend more $$$ on their cruise ships..I shudder to think what it would cost to fly if SWA was not on the scene..just look at air fare's in any major city that SWA does not serve
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