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Default Re: Re: Southwest Airlines??

I had the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of dozens of industries, during my career as a management consultant. You'd be amazed at how something that seems like a simple change to us on the outside is incredibly complex, difficult and costly in reality. (The good part is that there are just as many things that seem like utter magic to us on the outside, that actually are nothing more than a flick-of-the-switch or a minor adjustment to folks who actually know the business.) It is sufficient to say that, especially in this day-and-age of greater corporate scrutiny (but it actually has been true all along for 95% of companies), officers and managers of businesses always seek the best answers with respect to satisfying their fiduciary responsibilies. I have no doubt that if something was so obviously worth more to customers, so much so that they'd pay more or be sufficiently more loyal, and it didn't cost as much to implement, any company in the Fortune 500 (Southwest Airlines is #310) would have the knowledge of the market and operational expertise to make it happen.
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