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Default Excursions Advice

My wife and I have made our first cut at the excursions we'd take, should we decide to take cruise-line sponsored excursions at every port-of-call. (We'll probably only do three or four excursions, total, and may or may not do them all cruise-line sponsored, depending on how much confidence we gain in individual excursion provider's reliability, both in terms of service quality and in terms of getting us back to the ship in time no matter what...) This is surely one of the issues that experienced cruisers can really provide a lot of insight into. All ideas and recommendation would be greatly appreciated!

St. Thomas
- Cas Cay Eco-Tour Float/Hike/Snorkel

St. Maarten
- Kayaking Snorkel Tour

- Forts of Antigua Historical Tour

- Rainforest Hike & Cave Adventure

St. Lucia
- Soody Nature Hike & Mineral Waterfall

We know we want to do one combo kayaking/snorkeling excursion. We took a sea kayaking course locally a couple of years ago, so recreational kayaking (in waters above 50 degrees F) should be a breeze by comparison. We've never been snorkeling. Each port has one, it seems, but the latter three ports seem to have more interesting options beyond that, so we'll probably want choose one of the first two. My wife's preference is to do this in St. Thomas, since it is our first stop, but my preference is to do this in St. Maarten, since I'd be more leery about walking St. Maarten without being part of an excursion (which would likely be the alternative) given that we don't speak Dutch, French OR Carib. <g>

The Barbados choice is almost a done-deal for us. It sounds so incredibly perfect. The St. Lucia choice also sounds very good, but we're a little taken aback by doing a 7 hour excursion when the ship is only in port for 9 hours total (including clearing customs and such, right?)
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