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St Lucia: My husband and I took the tour which includes a catamaran ride that goes past the twin peaks and includes botanical garden tour (which I would normally avoid) and the live volcano.....ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SHORE EXCURSION I'VE EVER BEEN ON. The catamaran had alcohol available (included in the price, I believe) if you wanted to participate, but my husband and I "vegged" on the netting on the front of the catamaran as it sailed over the water. The most relaxing thing I've ever experienced. Botanical garden (which includes a waterfall view which is very pretty) was a very pleasant surprise. I enjoyed it greatly, though I'm not normally into the flora and fauna thing. And to experience the incomparable sulpher odor was actually fun, too. (I'm from the midwest - we only read about volcanoes and such, let alone mountains, etc.) The caramaran eventually went to a small private island for quick swim on the beach, also. We appreciated the variety of things that we got to experience for the cost.
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