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The Hills
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Default Re: Need a Serenade or Radiance Replica

Hi There:

We surprised our kids last Christmas and used a knockoff of the "Barbie Cruise" ship purchased at Walmart. I made treasure chest puzzle on cardboard with the info on it about the cruise and cut it up. The kids had to put the puzzle together to see what was happening! You can sometimes order video's of the ship or I have seen notices where various ships are featured on the travel show. You may be able to find some killer whale stuffed toys at a second hand store as part of your scavenger hunt!

We took our kids (6 & 8) on their first cruise in March 2004 to Belize, Costa Rica and Panama and they had a terrific time. They snorkelled in Belize with stingrays under their toes, visited the Embara indian villages and rainforest in Costa Rica and visited a butterfly aviary in Panama. They have some terrific memories of the trip that will stay with them for a lifetime. Theyhad a great time at the camp as well.

My husband and I did the Alaska Cruise with Princess a few years back and truly enjoyed it. For our excursions we did the "wildlife excursion" on a boat and you are guaranteed to see whales, sea lions, bald eagles etc. or you get your money refunded!! Also sign up for the jeep trip/canoe trip. It was a blast.

My daughter who is 6 will be going with me, my mother, her sister, my brother, his wife and their daughter who is 8, on the Radiance of the Seas on January 30th, 2005 to Coca Cay, St. Maarten and St. Thomans. Let me know how old your kids are and I will try to get you some programs for the camp activities for their age groups.

A lot of travel agents have cardboard cruise ships hanging in their shops,. Maybe yo could borrow one of those!

Hope you have fun.

The Hills
Ottawa, Canada
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