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Hi Overtyme...the "Radiance" hump balconies answer is that it depends on which deck you are on. The "hump" on decks 7 & 8 are a mixture of category "E" cabins, deck 9 is all category "D" and deck 10 is all suites. SO.....when we stayed in 7608 we had a small , very nice balcony BUT next door in 7606, the balcony was a sliver while 7610 was large due to handicapped accesibility. Even on deck 10, we stayed in 1556 ("B" or "GS" now) and the balcony was twice as wide but no deeper than other side balconies. It was also not a great location for sun worshippers due to the overhang on deck 11 but we loved the view over the water (plus it was an upgrade which made it sweeter).

And to Kuki; my secret location has been exposed on the boards since most folks know about the aft cabin extended balconies now. BUT the secret may be knowing which cabins to book and when. My expertise is the Radiance class and 1104 IS the cabin but only in cold weather. Reason? "Windjammer" outdoor seating area is above you and can be quite noisy with talking and chairs scraping back and forth as people seat themselves, etc during a warm weather itinerary. So I have 1104 booked in May for the first Alaska run ("Radiance") but in September we have 8672 booked through the canal ("Serenade").

Any specific questions I can chime in on, I answer all my cruise e-mail. And no, I am not always cruising but am blessed to be able to go 2 or 3 times per year.
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