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Default Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

My 25 year old daughter picked up the virus on the Monarch. She was quarantined in our cabin for 3 days. My girlfriend and I had to stay in for 24 hours because we roomed with her. RCCL offered to let us off the ship in Grand Cayman and fly us home after she went to the hospital. They said she would have to get a doctor to release her before she could fly. They would have paid for the flight. Who would pay for the hospital? I am not sure. We decided to stay on the ship and we were given 75% off of another cruise.
Even our friends in the next cabin got the 75% coupon. Why? I do not know. I believe we talked to a customer relations manager on the ship. The crew on the Monarch were wonderful to us. They did everything to help us out and make the best of a bad situation.

Also, they did not charge us for a clinic visit or medications. We ended up going down to see the doctor a second time and they gave her additional shot of medication. Normally it does not last more than a day but with her it lasted longer.

I would recommend washing your hands like crazy and not to touch hand rails or etc. Use only your restroom and not public ones. These are items what the doctor told us to do to avoid the virus in the future. My daughter was in a cabin with my girlfriend and I. Three friends were next door to us and she was the only one who caught the virus.

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