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Default Re: Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

I am just back from the Mariner and it was a disaster for many. We had a group of 15 and 8 of them were sick, quarantined, and/or not allowed to go on the island of Grand Cayman (even if you were not sick but were in a room with a quarantined person you could not go on the island). By the time the rest of us were allowed on the island, most of us lost part or all of our excursions. We were supposed to do the Reef and Rays excursion but were only allowed to do a very rushed and disorganized Rays excursion. This was very disheartening as we had already missed Labadee because of rough weather. So many people were sick (including crew members) that the big production show (Dancing through the ages?) was cancelled because the performers were ill. Also, the illness is really are really, really SICK (intense vomiting, etc.). My brother will never ever cruise again (he called it the cruise from Hell) which I feel bad about because he was a FIRST timer. Anyway, I will give more details later, but it was a real bummer for us (especially since it was a group of us coming together from four states) and we were so looking forward to it.
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