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Default Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

Here we go again with the compensation thing. I got sick for a couple of days and the cruise line owes me.
Just how do we know how the " virus" got aboard to begin with?
Maybe the cruise lines should trace the virus to the offending passenger / passengers and ask to be compensated ??

I have an upset stomach. I am achy. I feel weak. I went to the dr. saturday ( a walk in clinic ) and there were at least 30 people in there. No, we weren't on a cruise and are a long way from the ocean. Who do we look to for " compensation "-- Walmart ??
I am sick and obviously someone has to compensate me.

Maybe I got the virus at school picking up my grandson every day-- no, maybe at the post office-- no-- maybe at Kroger -- no, maybe at the Italian restaurant-- no--- maybe my wife got it at the mall, or maybe I got it at the mall.
Bottom line, I haven't a clue where I got it. I live in a world full of germs, sick people, well people etc. etc. I know things happen. I am not looking to be compensated at every turn in life. I'm off on a 10 day cruise in about three weeks. I'm just happy I got the virus now instead of three weeks from now. But wait--- maybe if I had gotten sick three weeks from now on my cruise, I could have gotten " compensated " !

Ok, feel free to shoot, flame, tout, boo and hiss if you want. I can take it.
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