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Default Re: Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

You are right. What I was most surprised by was how violently ill those in our group became and how quickly. My brother was standing there one minute and running for his room the next and my sister in law said from that time on he looked like total death, extremely pale and weak. I am sad because I too have been on cruises before and there was no illness but he was a first timer who will never ever go on a ship again. Also, the numbers I keep hearing are 200+ but I believe there were many, many more as there were crew members ill as well as performers (there was never a big production show because the performers were ill, instead we had comedians and four of the singers over several nights...that too was a bummer because I love big production shows). By the end of the cruise you could not even find a cracker on board because that was one of the few things that the sick people were allowed to eat.
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