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Default Re: Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

I can only speak for Mariner but I only saw sanitizer machines at the windjammer (and then at the 24 hour cafe toward the end of the cruise) and I do know that once the virus hit they had to stop several people to make them use the sanitizer (in fact they had a crew there watching and told those who passed it that they could not enter unless they did use it). Our utensils were not handed to us but they were wrapped in cloth napkins. I did also notice at the end of the cruise crew wiping down the walls of the elevator. As for extra crew, I do not think there were any extra brought in but I did hear that so many were sick that they had to bring in extra doctors (I even heard that our Captain and Cruise Director were ill which may be true because on the last night at the Good-bye show they both said "hello, we are back"). Believe me, I felt for the crew/staff as well because no doubt it was the cruise from hell for them as well. I do also agree with much of what Ron says about how the virus gets there and I do think that RC probably did the best they could in a bad situation. As for questions of compensation, I believe those in our group were given credit toward another cruise for the days that they were sick or confined (but since most were 1st timers they will never ever cruise again) and that I am sad about as I organized this cruise and I have been on two other cruises where there was no illness nor did we miss ports like this one (but if this happened to me my 1st may have been my last as well). If I ever get our group together again it will definitely be a land vacation and I will let someone ELSE do the planning.
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