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Default Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

My family of 4 was also on the Mariner of the Seas during the 1/16 sailing and were directly impacted by this virus. My husband came down with the virus and was quarantined to his room for 72 hours. My younger son also had the virus, visited the doctor, and we assumed he was under the quarantine as well. We later found out this wasn't true and he had never been placed on the sick list. My older son and I were never sick and were quarantined for 24 hours. RCI compensated us with the number of days of quarantine. Given that - we are furious. The staff on board (including doctors, nurses and guest relations) provided incorrect or missing information, were completely unprepared to deal with the outbreak and we were treated very poorly. My husband is a fanatic about washing hands so that has a limited protection! I also believe they absolutely lied about the numbers affected (they didn't put my son on the sick list even though we took him to the doctor) and were absolutely ridiculous in their statements that they had isolated it to one passenger (We spoke to our assistant waiter and the stateroom steward in the rooms down the hall from our stateroom who told us they had been sick with the illness the week before.) The issue was not the virus or the quarantine but ruining a long planned family vacation with extremely poor treatment by the staff during and after the cruise, as well as missing the ports of call and excursions we had looked forward to for over a year. This illness is food borne, so unfortunately if it starts on a cruise avoiding it is next to impossible. Given all of that I personally spoke to a number of passengers who got sick later in the week, but had heard of the quarantine so never reported it - so much for the process.

We have submitted a letter of complaint through our travel agent (after the RCI customer service in Miami was rude and unaccomadating) and would be very interested to hear if any other impacted customers have any luck. You know this must have been bad customer service when it made the national morning news on Good Morning America! (P.S. this was my 6th cruise, but first with RCI and at this point I wouldn't recommend them due to the customer service issues).
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