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Default Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

How many types of viral illnesses are almost identical to the " Noro " and most all these viral illnesses are spread by human contact . Yes, sometimes it can be spread by food if the contagious person handled food that was then consumed by someone else.
Washing hands certainly helps but isn't a guarantee you will not get sick. Think how many times a day the average person touches something that was touched by someone else, that was handled by how many others. One of the dirtiest things in a restaurant is ---- the menu. How many hands in a week touch that dinner menu they hand you when you sit down and how many times was that menu cleaned--- 99 % chance it has never been cleaned. What about salt and pepper shakers? Think about it.

I carry a small bottle of Purell hand cleaner and wherever we go, before any food is touched, after we handle the menu, salt-pepper, etc, we wash thoroughly.Doesn't always work as I'm just now getting over what ever I have had for the past few days.
I guess I could call it the Norwalk as I have had tummy problems, headache, feeling achy, etc. I got my cruise docs for my upcoming 10 day cruise a week and half ago so I guess I'll have to blame Princess for sending me infected Docs.---- Hello, attorney???

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