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Default Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

I just wanted to clarify, we understand the odds of getting sick are great everywhere - after all I have two children in elementary school so it's a part of life. We also understood the need for the quarantine and respected and followed it. Our complaint was the lack of information and misinformation given by the staff, and the extremely rude behavior by customer service. This situation was extreme and shouldn't deter anyone from taking a cruise. As far as going to the doctor I guess I'd say who knows. My husband went and was told to stay in the cabin, my son went and was left off the list. Was this an error, given the number of people who had similar reports that I spoke to, I won't venture to guess. Again, if the situation was handled well I would have been satisfied with the compensation, but the treatment was awful, which essentially ruined the entire vacation. To be honest, I've been less stressed at work than I was on this cruise! I just think they had a bad situation that was handled poorly, and now they havent' taken the steps to correct it. Sorry to sound like such a whiner, just want other cruisers to be forewarned.
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