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Default Re: Stomach illness on Mariner

i think I am missing something here: some of you did get some compensation, no one knows who or what caused the outbreak, but most likely someone unbeknown to them brought the virus onto the ship: this has been an issue for about 3 years now I think. I don't know what more the line can do to satisfy the passengers who get sick or what more they can do to try and protect the cruisers. As has been said, thousands of people get off and on these ships every week, the quarters are close, and like an airplane you probably stand a slightly better chance of getting sick on a ship than at t resort, but it can happen anywhere. On NCL last November, in the buffet there was always the sanitation machines and they were available just outside the main dining rooms; the crew working the buffet wore gloves, handed us our plates, trays and plastic utinsils; If any of us had become ill I would not have blamed them for one second. Kings, I think we all understand your frustrations and concerns, but this is part of life and not the most pleasant part. As for your son not being on the quarantee list, no one will ever know what happened. Obviously it was a slip up on someones part. I am also sorry to hear about the customer service reps. Again, this is not just with RCI, but most lines. For whatever reason, probably pay, it seems today's CS agents really don't care much about Customer Service. maybe we should re-name them, lack of service agents. . NMNita
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