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Marsha Buck
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Default Re: Re: Port Carnaveral Logistics


I posted earlier but did not get a reply. I am driving into Port Canaveral on July 1st and currently am booked at the Radisson. I want to take my two teenage sons to NASA on Saturday before the cruise. (I'm a science teacher - I can't pass this up.)

I would prefer to stay at a Hampton Inn. You mentioned one in your post. I will be driving my own car to Port Canaveral and parking there. The Radisson is already sold out of cruise packages and I cannot leave my car there, although I do have reservations for the two nights before the cruise.

I am a member of the Hampton Inn "Club" - Hiltons, I think. I can earn points by staying at a Hampton Inn, but wasn't sure how close it was to the port and if my plan of leaving my car at the port itself is crazy or naive.....

Marsha Buck
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