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I have always got insurance in the past. I know I just signed up when I booked thru the travel agent or thru RCCL. I took their recommendations. For the last cruise that I booked in September, I did not get insurance. I just figured I had always got insurance and nothing ever happened. I just knew nothing could keep me from this cruise.

Think again!! The hurricanes came and all reports showed my cruise as a go. The only problem was that the airports were all closed. This is all I knew until the very end. I was so upset that my cruise was on and I could not get there. Luckily, RCCL said that anyone who cancelled could get a refund because the ship was delayed and would leave on a different day. After that day, I will never go without insurance. I came too close to losing all my money. I figure that insurance is not that much so I will always get it. I never want to be close to losing my money ever again.
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